What Obama has Failed To Do

I sometimes feel as I am the lone remaining true fan of Obama, who thinks he ranks among our best presidents. He is the intelligent pragmatist compromiser I have been waiting for!

One thing he has been especially bad at, however, is letting his image get tarnished with falsehoods. Very few Republicans realize just how moderate he is, just how much he has let down the Left, just how concerned he actually is about the deficit, just what the stimulus did avert, how we helped in Haiti, how his health care bill actually has most of the features people say they want. Fox News is setting the terms of the public debate. To the degree that he has not forced people to recognize, and thus puts his own reelection in jeopardy, he has been a failure.


  1. Sure, Pres. Obama is deeply, deeply concerned about the deficit due to the health care bill. I'm sure he'd prefer not to steal from our grandchildren, but what's an intelligent pragmatic compromiser to do? Especially with such an effingly inept Congress filled with corruptocrats like Waxman ("how dare Caterpillar comply with the law!") and Rangel ("you mean I have to pay tax on the cash people give me?").

    Well, look on the bright side. In foreign policy, he's a brilliant uniter. Turkey, Russia, Syria, Iran are all starting to sing off the same playbook, and they are recruiting Hamas as well. Who would have thought just a few years ago that such a thing would have come to pass? And Pres. Obama is the principle force behind it all.

    Speaking of which, his brilliant choice to place the security of American citizens in the hands of Lady Luck to protect us, well, who wouldn't want to be lucky rather than good? Besides, it is all so confusing and complex, what with Islamic jihadist Shahzad trying to bomb Times Square, Islamic jihadist Abdulmutallab trying to bring down an airliner, Islamic jihadist Hasan shooting up Ft. Hood, who could figure it out? If only there was some commonality, something simple we are overlooking, that would help us to understand what is behind these attacks. A few more cuts to NYC security funding, and we'll surely figure it out.

  2. GJ, does it make you happy to know that you were in my head as I wrote this, thinking you would respond this way?

  3. Obama is a victim of George Bush's failed promises. Otherwise, he would be the most awesome President evah!