Conservative war on mainstream media

One thing Dave Wiegel's firing has shown is just how powerful the conservative argument against the biased liberal media has been (sorta like a tea party anti-defamation league). With that complaint, hammered at for years, they have created their own news channel and very much cowed major newspapers into hesitance about any criticism of the conservative movement.

But The Post’s precipitous action suggests that the editors had no idea of what they were buying in the first place. He probably could have survived if he had slammed Rachel Maddow or had some fun at Al Franken’s expense, but his willingness to train his guns inside the conservative movement was a bit much, especially in the eyes of The Post’s ombudsman, Andrew Alexander.

“Weigel’s exit, and the events that prompted it, have further damaged The Post among conservatives who believe it is not properly attuned to their ideology or activities,” he wrote. “Ironically, Weigel was hired to address precisely those concerns.” Loosely translated, it means someone whom they thought they hired to build bridges was blowing them up instead.

So now: they've got their own followers watching the propaganda show, and they have terrified more neutral organizations. Good work!


  1. Welcome (once again) to 1954 and Joe McCarthy land.

  2. Wiegel wasn't fired for his WaPo writing. Wiegel was fired because he mocked in private the people he wrote about in public.

    I wish he had stayed on at the WaPo a while, so that when he called conservatives for an interview, the response could have been "No comment, ratfucker."