In which I contribute 0.4% to his readership

For those of you who might be interested in reading unparalleled, in-depth scientific analysis of the current oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, I'd just like to put in a little plug for a really great blog, whose author may or may not be related to me. He's been getting quite a bit of exposure recently, from across the ideological spectrum, and is providing information of a kind that's both high quality and hard to come by.

People who may or may not be related to the author are quite proud.


  1. I second the recommendation; Bittooth is a great source of info from someone who clearly understands way more about energy than anyone I've read in the MFM. Highly recommended.

    I did have a few lines of snark about President Obama's "handling" of this accident, but I can't do justice to the fecklessness he displayed when asked about the firing/resignation of Elizabeth Birnbaum, whom he appointed. And let me join the chorus of condemnation for the handling of MMS in the Bush I, Bush II, and Clinton Administrations. It really should be something other than a sinecure for incompetent friends of the occupant of the Oval Office. Heaven forfend that the US government actually act in a serious fashion to regulate offshore drilling, including having a disaster response team staffed, trained, and supplied with the tools needed to respond when the inevitable happens.

  2. Gentle Folk:
    You are very kind in your remarks. I wish it wasn't necessary to write these posts, but sadly it is. The problem actually comes in getting reliable information, since there are a lot of supposedly accurate sources that, on checking, turn out to be less so.

  3. Gadfly John:
    What is now starting to worry me is the developing attitude which is starting to appear to be try this, didn't work, what's next, try that, didn't work etc which suggests that there is not enough time being given to working out how to make things work, rather than what may be contests over what to try next, under increasing pressure from Washington. The engineers who are trying to solve this are not well served (regarding their ability to quietly and sanely working out what is going wrong, and how to fix it) by the ratcheting up of pressure from Washington.

  4. Yes, exactly. The announcement of DoJ probes into criminal behavior aren't going to help either. Fix the problem first, then apportion the blame.