And here I am, stuck at work

I am of two minds with regard to celebrities. On the one hand, I am an absolute sucker for watching them parade around in fancy outfits accepting awards. This probably has as much to do with my love of trivia and shiny things as it does with actual celebrities, but my persistent devotion to the best blog ever indicates a certain fascination with the famous themselves.

On the other hand, I find famous people deeply, deeply irritating. Chief among the problems with celebrities is their blinkered belief that their fame somehow confers upon them an authority about issues other than what they're famous for. (Though, let's be honest, it's probably for the best that nobody's asking Paris Hilton about her most famous skill set.) On that note, I give you Ms. Meat Dress herself:
Recording artist Lady Gaga will be the featured speaker at a Portland rally in support of repealing the so-called "don't ask, don't tell" law, which bars gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military.


Lady Gaga, 24, who was performing at a concert in Raleigh, N.C., on Sunday, chose Portland because she views Maine's two Republican senators as being critical votes in the upcoming Senate vote to repeal "don't ask, don't tell," according to a rally organizer.
I am finding myself succumbing to Gaga's catchy little songs in the same way that a 2x4 eventually succumbs to a persistently-applied drill bit. That being said, I'm glad she's chosen to throw her lobster hat into this particular ring.

However, I'm skeptical that simply showing up in a city unaccustomed to the arrival of megawatt celebrities will do much. Since I can't actually be there, I wonder if she'll encourage her minions to actually pick up the phone, call the offices of Snowe and Collins and make a cogent statement. (Good luck getting through, on that note. It took me a couple of hours of repeated calling to get through the busy signal at Snowe's office.) Even that may not make a big difference, but it'll certainly help more than just wearing incendiary undergarments.


  1. Dear friends or at least of what is left of you here for now .....(From the Post) "The Washington-based gay rights groups made a decision early on that they were better off going along with the president's timeline and that right now that looks like a serious miscalculation."
    I believe you heard that from me over and over and over and over. PLEASE history is on my side as we were the ones that fought this government and the Republican and Democrats over AIDS funding, thus saving millions of my gay brothers. Gay people are alive today because we forced people to listen to us. Time once again to rouse a new and younger ACT UP crowd. In other words get some balls.