Why I Am Uneasy with the Left

Every so often, after Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle have wrought their magic upon the world, I think to myself...you know what? I am on the Left. It's just that simple. I am happy. I belong.

And then I read something like this. The litmus test for being a feminist is, apparently, being pro-choice.

If I want to figure out whether a being is a person, I would look at that being. How is looking at anyone else going to tell me about that being? Abortion is a moral issue. Whether or not the fetus is a person deserving of moral protection is actually a separate question from who is surrounding and supporting the fetus. If the fetus is a person (which is not AT ALL a stupid question), then even if we really really want to support the person is surrounding it, we have to talk about how we balance the interests of those two people. It's not a measure of how much I hate women if I am convinced that the bright line of personhood occurs earlier in the developmental process.

The tone bugs me too. The smug, snide confidence that there is one way to be and these women have found it. Bleah.

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  1. This may be a tangent, but I can't figure out what magic O'Donnell, Angle, and Palin have wrought.

    I do give Ms. Angle props for kicking Harry Reid's butt, despite his $20M campaign spending, his demonizing Ms. Angle, and his being the Senate Majority Leader. It takes rare skill to squander all those factors, and that is just what we've come to expect from Senate Democrats.

    I liked that Ms. O'Donnell poked the Republican Establishment in the eye; seriously, that was worth a Senate seat. Remind the Rs that 3rd party challengers will be all over them like red on a rose if they screw up the next Congress as badly as the current moron incumbents or spend like drunken sailors as the Rs did during the Bush years (apologies to drunken sailors for the unfair slur on their reputation).

    And in 2013, President Palin may well start investigating just how much illegal foreign campaign funds the Obama campaign collected and who made the decision to turn off the Address Verification processing on credit card donations (none of the other candidates did), especially if the President keeps up demogoging on this topic. Now that would be a bit of majick on the world!