If only they'd all boycotted

Oh, bother. I was really hoping that the presence of gays at CPAC would keep social conservatives away en masse. (Good luck infiltrating, guys! We'll squeak our agenda through yet!)

In all seriousness, it would be grand if the GOP would jettison the more obviously theocratic elements of the conservative movement. It would be a small first step toward making them sane again.

Sadly, this guy apparently showed up:
[Grand Hierophant Rick] Santorum also called social issues "the issues that bind us," and that when it comes to those issues, "just because it's not popular doesn't mean it's not true."

"The Judiciary cannot create life, and it did not create marriage, and it has no right to redefine either one," he continued.

"America belongs to God," Santorum said, "and we are the stewards of that great gift."

Who is this "us" that is bound by social issues? I feel a sneaking suspicion that I'm not included in that "us." I rather fear I fall into the "them" category. Further, I suspect that if it gives you pause to think that God owns America, you may also fall into the "them" category.

Between Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump (Donald Trump? Really?), I don't think there's been a sane headliner at CPAC yet this year. As much as it chills my spine to think I might agree with Sarah Palin about anything, part of me understands why she never bothers to show up at this thing.

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