Internet Use 101

Every so often, someone uses a computer in such a flagrantly stupid way that it demonstrates how unfit they are for the job they have, even if the offense itself doesn't seem disqualifying per se. A little while ago it was those SEC officials using their work computers (which also happened to be government computers) to surf the Web for porn. Now it seems that an astounding lack of Internet savvy has cost former Rep. Christopher Lee (R - 1994) his job.

Mr. Lee, if you're reading, here are some tips to guide you as you enter the job market. I wouldn't have thought this was necessary in 2011, but apparently I was wrong.

1) If you're a married member of Congress, you should probably not be using Craigslist to troll for sex.

2) If you disregard tip #1, you should probably not troll for sex on Craigslist by sending out pictures of yourself sans shirt. It makes the fact that you are trolling for sex a wee bit more obvious than is seemly. (Nice guns, though.)

3) If you disregard tips #1 and #2, you should probably crop out your face. Should you find a woman who is interested in hooking up with you despite your rather blatant goals, I imagine you can find a less compromising way to get a picture of your face to her without making you seem quite so indiscreet.

I do feel a little bit sorry for ex-Rep. Lee. I don't really think being a complete nincompoop about Craigslist is disqualifying for elected office, and none of this was really anyone's business. (His wife being the obvious exception.) Perhaps a classier, more admirably live-and-let-live young woman wouldn't have sent the pictures on to Gawker, but that's the risk one runs when disregarding tips #1-3 above, and maybe she thought a married member of Congress had it coming.

Lessons learned too late for quondam MOC Lee. Hopefully his former colleagues are a bit wiser than he.


  1. Oh, Dan, LOL!!!

    Ah, I remember the early '60s, when the Kennedy money covered up such gaffes.

    Seriously, I feel more than a little bit sorry for his wife.


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