Oh, thank GOD

Today is a depressing day to be a left-y Democrat. I am in need of reassurance of some sort. Internet!! Comfort me!

Christian Siriano continues to make Project Runway proud on his way to becoming an American designer of note. Take that, America's Next Top Model!

Apparently PETA thinks porn star Sasha Grey should be spayed. Who am I to argue?

While there's still time for the Democrats to screw things up, it appears that the vast majority of Americans really don't want Sarah Palin to run for president. I think we can all feel good about that.

I feel better already!


  1. OK Dan, From the to cheer you up department: Boston Globe has predicted a win for Martha by a few points. I hope I don't have to appologize for this tomorrow.

  2. Oh, Dan, I wish I could comfort you. I wish there were a genuine liberal political option in this country. I wish the Democrats could just ONCE pull their heads out of their asses and do something well. It's embarrassing, having them be the only viable voice for the Left, considering how right-leaning they are on so many issues. Except success.
    Oh, UJ.....

  3. I hear you, man. We were so close to being able to reset the agenda. But we had two years and still couldn't do much.
    I can't believe it. Scares me and saddens me and frustrates me.
    They legalize gay marriage under Romney, for Pete's sake, but can't replace Kennedy with a liberal or independent...bah. Sorry I don't live there anymore. Also, glad I don't like there anymore.