*wiping tears of mirth from my eyes*

Oh, thank heaven for the joys of teh Internets. They do much to soothe a troubled, post-Coakley-flameout soul.

Speaking of flameouts (see what I did there?), there is this sentence fragment, which still has me giggling softly to myself:
He won't confirm his homosexuality

The "he" in question is Johnny Weir, and the quote is from this review of his new reality show. The article also contains the following video of Weir at most-officially-unconfirmed gayest:

Oh, sweet Judy Garland! That is some serious gayness there, friends. I'm surprised that the entire arena didn't burst spontaneously into a fuchsia inferno. You could toast marshmallows with the video alone.

Weir not "confirming" his gayness is like Gloria Steinem playing coy about her lack of a Y chromosome. Now, I don't really have a nickel in this particular dime, so Weir can be a cagey as he wants to be for all I care. But I think it's hiiiiiiiiiiiiilarious that someone so ostentatiously, unmistakably gay would refuse to acknowledge it. Perhaps he's just a very private person. A very loud-mouthed private person with his own reality show.



  1. Dan, why should he have to confirm something so obvious? That's almost like asking why I don't confirm that I'm a short, curly-haired, brown-eyed woman.


  2. I just think it's hysterical that he's apparently decided to be coy about something to flagrant.

  3. Some might even say so flagrant.

  4. I see your point, and, yes, it is funny.