They're onto us!!

It's been fascinating to watch the Proposition 8 trial in California unfold. ("Watch" in a very loose sense. Thanks, Supreme Court!) I must say, I didn't quite expect the other side to descend quite so obviously into self-parody. Shows what I know, I suppose. From the Times:
After a defense cross-examination of Professor George Chauncey emphasizing the increased social acceptance of gay men and lesbians, the legal team for the plaintiffs tried to refocus the case on the prevalence of discrimination.

They introduced extensive video footage from the deposition of Hak-Shing William Tam, a voluntary defendant in the Proposition 8 case who is also a central figure in the controversy over whether video coverage of the trial can be done for YouTube.

It was the first time that the court was shown an image of Mr. Tam, who attempted to withdraw from the case late last week — when it seemed that YouTube coverage was likely — citing concerns for his safety.

“In the past I have received threats on my life, had my property vandalized and am recognized on the streets due to my association with Proposition 8,” he wrote in a motion filed last Friday. The Supreme Court granted a stay on YouTube coverage, but it expires Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Tam is expected to testify later in the trial.

Mr. Tam spoke in the deposition of his efforts to organize rallies around the Bay Area in support of Proposition 8. He also discussed his literature that he had published in both English and Chinese on the subject.

Mr. Tam said that exposure to the concept of gay marriage in schools has a negative effect on children and added that, though a Google search, he had found evidence of an official “gay agenda” established in the 1970s.

Let us dispense quickly with what ought not to need saying -- it is grossly unacceptable that anyone, no matter how objectionable we might find their opinion, be subject to harrassment or to having their property vandalized. (As far as simply being recognized, I regret to say that I don't have so much sympathy.) Mr. Tam may be a lunatic and a bigot, but he has a right to air his opinion without fear of violence. I expect better of our side.

That being said, how did he get ahold of our official agenda? Ye gods!! Someone must have let slip that he should listen to "It's Raining Men" backwards! Now that our agenda (aka "The Protocols of the Elders of West Hollywood") has been discovered, how will we destroy the American family? I must alert our leaders (Carson Kressley, k.d. lang and the reanimated corpse of Danny Kaye) and see if we can draft a revision.

OK, seriously now, this man contributed "extensive footage"? This is the kind of "argument" we are forced to try to take seriously? This?!??! On Google he supposedly found the "official gay agenda"? Really?

As frustrating and infuriating as all of this is, there's no denying that it's also hilarious. Tragic, but hilarious. I can only hope the non-idiotic side wins.


  1. Our secret agenda can totally beat up your secret agenda.

  2. Agenda for 1-15-10:

    1:00 Open with greeting.

    1:15 Discuss infiltration of school curricula.

    1:30 Discuss conversion of young heterosexuals.

    1:45 Old business.

    2:00 Dismissal.


  3. OH MY GOD, they are onto us. Quick everone head to Vermont where we may re-grope.

  4. Laughing at the post and the comments. Uncle Jim actually found a way to work "re-grope" into a Prop 8 discussion. Priceless.
    Hilarious (and scary with stupidity) and hilarious.
    Barbara, you forgot the meet and greet orgy at 3pm.