Dipping a toe back in

Over the past few weeks, various people have told me they missed the blog. (Admittedly, this totals about four people. But still.) And so I find myself wondering if I should try to rev it back up.

Any of you readers still out there? If I were to crank out the occasional post during the week, would you come back and comment again? I'll admit, I do miss writing it from time to time.

What would I write about? How about the dizzying strangeness of rooting for Karl Rove?


  1. Yes! Your fans anxiously await your return!

    (and it was great seeing you and the fam this weekend!)

  2. I dearly miss your consistent timely posts. In fact, I live for them. My life has not been the same. Really though, I have missed your intellectually challenging points and my mind hasn't been as worked since your absence.
    Eddie from MO

  3. Only if you let me use Murkowski as a verb.

  4. Yea Dan come back. I have not been pissed-off at anyone (GD) in a long time. :)

  5. I still poke my head in, waiting for new posts. Yeah, get ta work, ya bum.

  6. What timing. It's been ages since I've popped over. Been crazy busy and not reading blogs. But I'm grateful for the opportunity to say, the interwebs are better with you in them.