A small request for the President

Dear Mr. President:

As you can see, I still remain a supporter for the most part. I listen to you with sympathetic ears. And I need you to so something for me.

Your rhetorical dichotomy "Wall Street/Main Street" has become impossibly hackneyed. You start a sentence with a clause referencing those reprobates on Wall Street [crowd: *boo, hiss*], and without fail follow it with a conclusion referencing all those cold, shivering Mom and Pop store owners getting evicted on Main Street [crowd: *wipe away pious tear*]. Not once have I heard you mention the former without immediate segue to the latter.

This must end. The fillip has lost its piquancy. If it's making me roll my eyes, imagine how it sounds to those who've begun to sour on you.

You should chuck this in whatever bin gets all your depleted boilerplate, right next to "Yes, we can" and "Fired up/Ready to go!"

Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Again, I hope this isn't too off-topic, but surely you could add "I am committed to ending DADT" to the eyeroll inducing boilerplate bin.

    Why doesn't the President stop fighting against the rights the court found? If DADT is bad for national security, as the President's spokesbeings say, why isn't he moving forcefully as Commander-in-Chief to bolster our national security?