Why not just go to a diner?

I don't generally find it amusing when celebrities break down before our eyes. Frankly, all it does is confirm my suspicion that it's not good for people to be famous. Thus, I don't mean to poke fun at Charlie Sheen's very public flame-out. However, one particular salacious detail stood out for me.
Before police were called to his suite in the Plaza, Charlie was out to dinner at Daniel with a group of friends and their escorts including porn star Capri Anderson, who charged him $12,000 for the night, according to Radar.

"At one point he convinced Capri to go to the bathroom with him. When they got into the bathroom he started snorting cocaine and then took off his pants," a source told the website. "Charlie wanted to have sex with Capri and tried but she stopped him and demanded her $12,000. He didn't have the money on him so she left him in the bathroom!"

I've only been to dinner at Daniel once. I was there by the grace of a generous friend. (You know who you are.) I will remember the exquisite food most of all, but there's another detail I'll never forget.

The middle-aged guy at the next table (straight out of central casting for "fat cat banker") was accompanied by two women who were very obviously... working that evening. It was several years ago, but I recall the styles of the time well enough to know that they were attired in a manner particular to their profession.

Now, I realize that this little study of mine now has an n of 2. But still, that's enough to prompt the question -- why on earth would a person go to a world-class restaurant like Daniel with an obvious sex worker? It's not the kind of joint where one blends in under those circumstances. I'm not here to judge people's private lives, but wouldn't one feel horribly exposed?

Further, if your goal is just to get high and then get freaky in the bathroom, why waste your cash at a fancy establishment? You're clearly not there for the food, so why bother? While I'm sure Sheen has plenty of cash to burn, this still seems silly to me.

But then, I kept my pants on the whole time I was there, so what do I know?

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