Everything you need to know in an image

Over at A plain blog about politics, Jonathan Bernstein posed a question to readers -- where do you get your news?

I get mine from NPR, mostly. During the day, I drop in on a few news sites, and check links in a few blogs. (One of the things that Andrew Sullivan does particularly well, when he's not on a tear about something, is link to a wide variety of interesting things around the Web.)

You know where I don't get my news? Huffington Post. It is a fundamentally unserious outlet, which hypes and misrepresents stories and provides a forum for all manner of addle-brained claptrap, from celebrities on down. (My beef with said claptrap goes way back.) I may go there when I'm bored enough to find gossip entertaining, but I'd never expect to learn anything.

In one such fit of intellectual lassitude, I stumbled across the following image. Not only did it worsen my ennui, it summed up in one image everything I detest about the Internet's top blog.

And there you have it. Arianna Huffington appearing with a cartoon dog on the show of the equally light-weight Bill Maher. (It should be noted that the intellectual shallowness and vanity of Brian, the talking dog there with Arianna, is one of "Family Guy"'s frequent jokes.)

Katherine Graham, she ain't.

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