Give this man an award



I... wow.

If there were an award for the most tortured, contrived pile of metaphorical balderdash to be found on the Internet, I doubt I could find a more deserving nominee than this astounding essay about the "dark meat/white meat" debate. Its author, Ron Rosenbaum, is to be congratulated for both the triteness of his analysis (racism!) and for finding a way to combine a discussion of pork with this quote from Sartre:
Slime is the agony of water.
Yes. YES!! The agony of water! Slime! Pass the gravy!

This essay is the agony of its readers, and yet must truly be read to be believed. Enjoy.

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  1. Um. I think the question of objectivity in taste is an interesting one. The preference for white meat over dark meat is a question worth asking. I think there is a texture and gristles issue, myself. The out of insane left field poseur musings are, shall we say, less interesting. Racism?!?! Oddly, most of the people who prefer white meat also eat beef, chocolate (even dark chocolate!), coffee (even black coffee!), etc. etc. I don't understand how people get paid to riff on absolutely meaningless connections with absolutely no evidence.