Apparently the DNC is unaware of my blog

Last night, I got a call from a garrulous young man on behalf of the DNC. They would like me to give them money. More specifically, they would like me to give them $200.

I am not going to give them $200.

As I explained to the nice (but persistent) young man, and as I have already written, I'm not going to give the national Democratic party any more money until they decide to address the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and reverse the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. I've grown immensely tired of being told that there are more pressing priorities, and that the President will get around to "my issues" when there is nothing to distract him. I sunk plenty of cash into his campaign, and I spent lots and lots of time on my days off making phone calls. I took Election Day off to work on GOTV. I've made my investment, and I am loath to succumb to the sunk cost fallacy.

As the pleasant (but tenacious) man asked, no -- no, I don't things would be better with the Republicans. I don't plan to give them any money, either. But with them, at least, I know where I stand. I will doubtless vote for the Democrats in upcoming elections, because like Elizabeth I cannot countenance what the GOP has become. (I will vote for a shaved ape before I vote for the party that gave us Sarah Palin.) But I have a hard time understanding why the President and his colleagues in Congress need me to give them more money now to get their agenda passed.

As I explained to the affable (but persevering) gentleman, I will gladly call my Senators in support of such things as healthcare reform. I will give money to the state party, because the men and women in the legislature and Blaine House put themselves on the line in support of marriage equality, a stance for which I remain immensely grateful. The President will have my vote in three years. But they've taken my support for granted, and it's time they learned it isn't.


  1. I will go one step further. I would vote for a hirsute ape.

  2. I will file for office tomorrow!