Dept. of Remainders

As the holidays wane and I return to working (and blogging!) after several days off, I'm trying to catch up with all the news and commentary and gossip that I've missed. For those of you wanting trenchant analysis of the failed airplane terrorist attack, I'm a little late to the game. (Somehow, I imagine that you've managed to muddle through without my opinion.) I hope to be back into Full Snark Mode by next week.

In lieu of any original thought or insight, I offer a few bits and pieces for you to ponder as you're spiking the eggnog.

I don't understand a word of what he says about online gaming or football, but Ta-Nehisi Coates remains at the top of my list of favorite bloggers simply because he hates a film I detest with an active, seething passion.

Via Andrew's list of lists (in a round-about way), I submit what may be the most unsettling (but hilarious) peak at the underside of the human psyche you're likely to find for at least another year. Seriously, the one about the noodles gives me the howling fantods.

We may not be able to get married here in Maine (and kudos to you, Tierra del Fuego), but gay equality has finally made inroads where it really matters -- daytime soaps.

And finally, in a Politico twofer, I give you two men who should probably keep their damn fool mouths shut/stay the hell out of politics forever. Not that they wouldn't make blogging fun in the new year.


Update: Hold the phone! Also via Politico, there is this list of the weirdest political moments of 2009. It contains what may be the most apt (as well as unintentially hilarious and inadvertently insulting) description of Rod Blagojevich I've ever read.

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