Brace yourselves

Despite all the worry about the fabric of time and space ripping apart and all, we survived the start-up of the Large Hadron Collider.

Saints be praised, we managed to pull through the unholy joint appearance of Liza Minnelli and Bret Michaels on the same stage!

Tonight, however, I'm locking myself in a bunker with a year's worth of canned goods, festooning myself with rosaries, and keeping my eyes peeled for radioactive mutants. For I see, thanks to TPM, that tonight Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin will meet. Whether this confab will result in sufficient right-wing distaff nutbaggery to achieve apocalyptic critical mass remains to be seen.

For those of you walking around on the surface when the earth crumbles under the density created in Minnesota, don't complain that you weren't warned.


  1. The LHC is running, but well below peak power, which is where all the fascinating physics happens. It is also where spacetime is supposedly endangered, although Mama Nature can do very high energy cosmic rays, which exceed the collision energy of the LHC. OTOH, the Fermi Paradox seems to have a Great Filter that weeds out intelligent civilizations which can build radio transmitters, so maybe we've overlooked something about smashing single protons with the kinetic energy of a raindrop into each other.

    And for added Bleakonomy goodness, I (sadly, as you'll see) give you the Ozzie Fred Award winners for properly labelling the antivaxxers as the menace to public health that they are.

  2. sarah and michelle have already met, during the campaign, so you really don't have to be afraid.