How's that for timing?

Well, if that doesn't just beat all. I make a little joke about Johnny Weir, and he makes the news with the least surprising announcement in the history of homosexuality:
Never a fan of labels, Johnny Weir is giving himself one: He's gay.

The figure skater says in an excerpt of his new book, "Welcome to My World," that being gay is "the smallest part of what makes me me." But he's not ashamed of it — or anything else, telling People magazine he hopes to be an example to other people. People is publishing excerpts of Weir's book in its Jan. 17 issue.

First of all, juuuuuuuuust in case anyone stumbles across this post and gets the wrong impression, let's be clear that I'm not making fun of Weir for being gay. What with my being gay myself, and all.

No, my reasons for not liking Johnny Weir have nothing at all to do with his being gay per se. (Okay, before I go any farther, can I just say that I think it is side-splitting that Weir is saying being gay is an eensy, weensy little part of who he is? Because Johnny Weir is incredibly gay. He's like the Village People to the power of Liberace. He makes Tim Gunn look like Steve McQueen.) I don't like Johnny Weir because he is impossibly obnoxious.

I can't find the link right now, but in a recent issue of Out magazine (which I find pretty damn obnoxious itself, for that matter), Weir responded to criticism of his wearing fur by saying he's not "passionate" about animals but he is "passionate" about fashion. Which means, I guess, that in Weir's world all that one needs to justify one's actions is "passion." I'm sure the toads at Westboro Baptist Church are plenty passionate, but somehow that fails to make me like them.

Anyhow, he's out and we can all stop wondering. Good for him. Now does this mean his fifteen minutes are finally up?

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