Admittedly, he is pretty cute

I've been flailing around this afternoon, trying to think of something else to write about. I've done said all I can about the stimulus package, and there hasn't been much to choose from.

So, in the spirit of Friday afternoon, I present to you the winner of Huffington Post's "hottest freshman of the 111th Congress," one Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois. He took the occasion of his win to promote a piece of legislation he's introduced.

... I recently introduced H.R. 899, the Ethical and Legal Elections for Congressional Transitions (ELECT) Act. The ELECT Act requires that within 90 days of a vacancy in the United States Senate, a special election occurs.

In this year alone, we've seen five Senate vacancies appointed by Governors, including the debacle in Illinois. This has highlighted the need to ensure that the American people have a say in determining who represents them in the United States Senate.


While some may question the constitutionality of the ELECT Act, I believe this bill satisfies the 17th Amendment by allowing the Governor or State Legislature to fill a vacancy with an appointment for the period before the special election. However, this person must run in the special election to maintain control of the seat.
Frankly, I think it's a great idea. The happy few of you that have been reading for a while (bless you) have already seen what I have had to say about the various embarrassments arising from the Senate appointments in Illinois and New York. I wasn't too thrilled about the place-holder they appointed in Delaware to keep the seat warm for Biden's son, either. The whole appointment process is rankly undemocratic, and a hold-over from the days when the Senate was a bulwark against the whim of the masses, and its members were chosen by the political elite.

I don't have an answer for whether the bill violates the Constitution. (Any legal scholars out there, feel free to weigh in.) It appears that Russ Feingold has introduced a similar bill in the Senate, but his would amend the Constitution, which is a spicier meatball. One way or another, I will hail the day when every member of Congress is there because the people elected him or her. Even if some of the winners have turned out to be turkeys.


  1. Hey Dan, was reading winterspeak and ended up here, anyways, found this video on youtube, be a star and write a nifty piece on it?(It hasn't gotten out yet as no one watches cspan obviously, want the scoop?!)
    John from Ireland.

  2. Well, John, I have to admit that the story is pretty frightening, if true. As much as I would like to scoop the world media, however, I lack the resources or expertise to comment with authority.