"Not if you called it stenchblossom"

I have strong opinions about names. Because (as unlikely as it may be) there is the chance that an errant comment made in a quasi-public space such as this might work its way to an easily-offended audience, I will refrain from sharing them at length. But the following (via HuffPo) has to be shared:

In an interview with Esquire (quotes from which caused a minor media scuffle in January), Sarah Palin reveals the source of her daughter Bristol's name:
Two meanings in Bristol's name: I worked at the Bristol Inn, and Todd grew up in Bristol Bay. But also, Bristol, Connecticut, is the home of ESPN. And when I was in high school, my desire was to be a sportscaster. ESPN was just kicking off, just getting off the ground, and I thought that's what I was going to do in life, is be one of the first woman sportscasters. Until I learned that you'd have to move to Bristol, Connecticut. It was far away. So instead, I had a daughter and named her Bristol.
Now, while I don't love the name Bristol, I think it's a perfectly reasonable one. (This is particularly true when you consider some of the other choices Gov. Palin went with for her remaining progeny.) People name their kids all kinds of funky things, for all kinds of funky reasons. (You will have to take my word for it, as I would prefer not to violate HIPAA.)

However, there's a lovely little gem further on in the article.

ESPN Vice President Mike Soltys suggests it could be worse: there are a number of children named ESPN.
I will refrain from comment per se. However, I am in a position to confirm that yes, in fact, there are a number of children named ESPN (or close variations on same). Make of that what you will.

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