Dept. of Comic Relief

This is too good to be true:

Michael Heath Running For Governor

Rapture!! It's rare that one gets to watch a train-wreck of such epic idiocy unfold, and I'm thrilled that Heath is giving us the gift of his remaining self-respect to demolish.

For those of you who have never heard of Michael Heath, he's Maine's two-bit answer to Tony Perkins. Or, rather, he was until the Maine Christian Civic League gave him the heave-ho last year.

When your own theocratic pack of reactionary fundamentalists thinks you've become too irritating and polarizing to keep around, I think we can all agree it's a great omen for your gubernatorial prospects. I join everyone in wishing Heath all the luck he deserves trying to scrape together the signatures and cash he'll need to get on the ballot, where (if he makes it) he will be able to siphon the idiot vote away from whichever Republican (including one I would actually vote for) gets that party's nomination.


  1. Gee Dan, Seems to me Mills voted against Gay Marriage and your little family.... and you would vote for him? Next thing you will be pimping for Sarah Palin.

  2. Whooo wait SHAME on me. He did vote for us. Sorry Dan and I continue in hopes you will not pimp for Sarah.

  3. Chances I would ever pimp for former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin are... slim.

    And I am pleased that you spared me the trouble of clarifying the record.

  4. "According to a campaign staffer, Heath will run as an independent candidate this fall." Doesn't that lessen the chance for any Republican? And two, what is so good about Mills? I can't imagine you are a one issue candidate. I simply can't imagine voting for anyone who puts a R after their name, even if they have a Libertarian agenda vis a vis gay rights. Ok, maybe for state level, but never national. I looked at Mills website and it is filled with nothing but bromides.


  5. I am still willing to vote for intelligent Republicans on a state level. I think there is a case for fiscal conservatism, judiciously pursued. I can't speak to Mills' website, but I've heard him interviewed and seen him speak, and he's always struck me as both principled and intelligent. Further, I live in the Augusta area and know a lot of people who work for the state government, and many say good things about his even though they themselves tend to be Democrats. Lastly, I have some reservations about a few of the likely front-runners for the Democratic nomination.