Someone please slip something into Andrew Sullivan's tea

Dude needs to relax a little bit.

I know I've mentioned this before (somewhere in the vast nether regions of the Bleakonomy archives; I'll have our archivist get right on finding the link), but does anyone else remember the salad days of Sullivan's hating Hillary Clinton? Remember how he used to seem totally unhinged about her? Remember? Remember?

Now that she seems to be doing a creditable job as Secretary of State (cue certain commenters to start composing comment about how Hillary Clinton is inept and will bring about Armageddon), and has somehow managed to avoid pushing Obama onto any nearby sharpened objects, he's turned down the volume on that particular song.

Anyone who has read the Dish in the past couple of years knows that his new belfry bat is Sarah Palin. And I, of course, agree whole-heartedly that former half-term governor Palin is a risible clown of a joke of a disgrace of a politician. However, I really don't understand Sully's certainty that Palin has any chance of winning the White House.
She has wanted to be president for much of her adult political life. She wanted it well over a decade ago. She risked a huge amount in saying yes to John McCain, a gamble of monumental proportions, in the pursuit of that goal. She believes sincerely that she is on a mission from God, that she is the Esther of the End-Times. Why is any of this hard to understand? By her words and her actions, she wants to be the GOP nominee. And at a time when Republican extremism is the brand, who better represents the party than she?

For a much more sane take on the question, check out Sully's Atlantic co-blogger here.

I do not know what the "monumental" gamble for Palin was in saying "yes" to McCain. What on earth did it cost her that has not since demonstrated a perfect willingness to shed? Her governorship? Her credibility? Her... help me out here.

My guess is that she will "run." It will do nothing but increase her already blinding visibility. She will make some feints and appearances and raise a ton of money. But I doubt she will win much real support where it counts, in early primary states and in building a competent national campaign. Hell, half of the Tea Partiers say they would never support her, and she can't be bothered to show up at CPAC.

Plus, it would be a huge pay cut.


  1. I don't think she will run, she will claim family commitments, yada yada for the foreseeable future, and rake in the money and feel important by giving speeches without actually having to do anything of substance, "if people were to listen to me all of the worlds problems would be solved" type of deal only works if you don't have to do any of the actual work in solving anything.

    As to her insane greed, honestly, I don't get it with people, after a few million (which basically sets you up) what is the point? Bigger house, more maids? It just becomes feed the money hole. I say the same thing about anyone. Given the choice between winning 1 million and 100 million, I would take 1 million. No one would bother me or much care.


  2. Andrew Sullivan has a vested interest in Sarah Palin's being a serious political candidate. He's become far more known for attacking her than he ever was for attacking Hillary (where he was joining a chorus of voices). If Sarah Palin is a joke, then Sullivan was tilting at windmills.

    ANd Charo - maybe it's the Long Islander in me, but I'm going with the $100 mil. I could think of LOTS to do with it.

  3. Elizabeth, 100 million in Long island is equivalent to 1 million most other places. Hell, in the Hamptons you would be considered the poor neighbors.