Like Sophie's Choice, but much, much crappier

Can I just admit up front that I am dying to see this? (Via Andrew.)

From the looks of that poster, one would guess that the movie is about One Woman's struggle with gas.

Andrew seems to imply that this movie is specifically about Sarah Palin, which apparently it is not. But, coming from the American Family Association, it's sure to be good anyway.

Speaking of our friends at the AFA, there's also this (also via the Dish):
"With an active homosexual on the bench, Lady Justice will no longer even pretend to be blind. She will be peeking out from under her blindfold to determine the sexual preference of those standing before her, then will let the fold slip back into place before ruling in every case to legitimize sexual deviancy. Bottom line: the American ideal of absolute equality before the law will inevitably be shredded by a homosexual judge. Neither the Constitution nor the American people should be subjected to that kind of judicial malpractice. We can and should expect more from those who occupy seats on the highest bench in the land," - Bryan Fischer, American Family Association.

Makes me want to pop up some Orville Redenbacher, lie back and watch a movie written by guys like him. Who's with me?

I think that what Mr. Fisher really means to say is that, with a (purported but denied) lesbian like Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court, Lady Justice will shave her head, join Dykes on Bikes, and run off with a tattooed Statue of Liberty. We homosexuals simply won't rest until we've completely destroyed the fabric of America. (For my part, I've surreptitiously replaced every third vaccine I give with a small dose of gay. It's the medical version of judicial malpractice, and we're coming to a clinic near you.)


  1. Up until my child's MMR vaccine, he was playing with trucks and blocks. A week or two after the vaccine, I started noticing he was beginning to have opinions about flower arrangements.

  2. With a tag line like "when life becomes reality" how can it not be great? And what a cast, they literally reanimated Dick Van Patten. And it also stars Rebecca St. James, Andrea Logan White and a whole host of famous stars you never heard of. I am going to buy 10 copies of the DVD and fling one at every woman who comes within a mile of my local planned parenthood. (not that I have any idea where it is, the same with my local strip club, the one with the green awning which I have never seen in my entire life)


  3. I can predict the ending right now: she gets an abortion, and she achieves career success beyond her wildest dreams!

  4. I assume by "active homosexual", he means sexually active. Or does he mean physically inactive, like all our obese kids? Politically active? Nah, he must mean sexually. Good old AFA!


  5. Yes, I imagine Fischer would have no trouble with us when we are in our dormant state.