I love these people

I give you my new heroes.

(I particularly like "I was promised donuts.")


  1. "God hates signs" wasn't bad, either.

    I wish there was something that could be done to defang the WBC at funerals; mocking their methods doesn't make quite as much sense in that context, to say nothing of the bullhorns. IMVVHO, they go way past the limits of free speech at private events.

  2. This is one of those rare, blessed occasions when the heavens open, angels descend and festoon us with garlands of flowers, and we find ourselves in agreement.

    Here's hoping the Supreme Court shares our views.

  3. GJ, I don't think your opinion is so humble in this case.

  4. My favorite anti-WBC rally was during a stop in Boston a group set up a protest-a-thon. For every minute that the WBC crew protested the group donated x amount of dollars to a local gay rights group. They had a huge sign facing the WBC people showing them exactly how much money they were helping to raise.

  5. I always have mixed feelings regarding counter-protests against hate groups. I like the fact that the WBC is being mocked, but I dislike the fact that the other group is giving them the attention that they crave. Ignoring the WBC might be more effective in the long run. That said, I bless the motorcycle groups that obstruct them from view at military funerals.