DADT is history

I'll have plenty more to say on Monday, but suffice it to say for now that I am sincerely overjoyed.

Today is a wonderful day for America. We are a little bit more just, and I am so much prouder.


  1. I am very happy, Dan--step by little step--slow and steady wins the race.


  2. Yahoo! With 34 million people without jobs trying to figure out how to pay for a child’s college education I for one am really glad that openly gay people can join the armed forces, oh –and let’s not forget that amazing food safety bill that passed (double joy with gumdrops)! I can’t wait until 2011 when our well paid politicians pass laws to name bridges and repave roads that were paved in 2010. You can’t be serious that this impacts the lives of any meaningful number of constituents for any public servant can you?


  3. My, my, my. What an unpleasant take on happy news, RMN. How nice of you to remind us all that this vote on a single issue didn't fix everything else in the world. How silly of me to overlook that. Clearly, we should never be happy about something good happening unless it creates a perfect country in which all of the nation's ills have been remedied.

    How many people's lives count as "meaningful"? Are the lives of the 14,000 people discharged under DADT not meaningful? Or perhaps you just don't think that gays and lesbians are important enough to bother with?

    You, RMN, can't be serious if you think your contribution to the conversation offers any particular pith. While I get that you don't think that gay rights issues are particularly important, I don't understand why you felt your disinterest was fascinating enough to bother posting a comment.