*insert obscene gesture here*

Every so often, the GOP reminds me of why I cannot possibly imagine ever voting for a member of their party ever again.

Today was one of those days.

Honestly, between the 9/11 rescue workers bill and this, I simply have no more words. Nothing seems contemptuous or jaded enough to properly express the bottomless depths of my disdain and disgust just now.

Oh, and that applies to you, too, Sen. Manchin. How very, very proud I am to have you in my party. Sure am glad you won. I'll just make myself cozy here under the bus while you make sure your new drapes match the office furniture.

Update: Let's just check out the roll call, shall we? Olympia! Hi! Looks like you voted "nay" on cloture. Here's my promise to you -- in 2012, presuming a primary challenger materializes, I give you my word that I am going to register as a Republican for the sole purpose of voting against you. Since you clearly care more about toeing the party line than your vaunted (and misplaced) reputation for moderation and any sense of justice for people like me, I'd just as soon see you replaced by a more transparent party hack anyhow.


  1. Look, Lieberman is going to bring this back as a standalone bill. That's the way to do things. A change like this, which affects the fighting arm of the military, ought to be debated on its own points rather than hidden in the back of some Megabill. So all is not lost.

    Having said that, I can't resist pointing out that President Scary-smart Megabrain seems to be, ah, whiffing a bit lately. Perhaps if he'd gone to bat for raising the tax rate or DADT, things might be different. Then again, it appears he never met a commitment he felt worth keeping if it wasn't convenient for good old number one, BHO. Now he can refight the tax deal in the run up to the 2012 election, and possibly wait till then to bring up his honest, for real, this time for sure, commitment to supporting DADT.

  2. Ah, sorry, Freudian slip. Make that "supporting the elimination of DADT." Happens a lot with President His-word-is-his-bond.

  3. Whatever his faults on the subject, GJ, there's no way you can distract me from noticing the party affiliation of all those "nay" voters by blaming this on Obama.