Dept. of Pious Euphemisms

From the KJ's lengthier article on the abrupt departure of one Michael Heath, theocrat and all-around heel:
Heath was disciplined by the board in 2004 for asking for "tips, rumors, speculation and facts" about the sexual orientation of legislators and other state leaders. The board put Heath -- who issued a public apology -- on administrative leave for one month saying he "crossed a line of ethical behavior into a realm of sinful gossip."
I like that "sinful gossip." It sounds ever so much better than "tried to launch a smear campaign against his opponents based upon whatever lie people were willing to toss his way." I'm sure he thought long and hard about what a bad, bad boy he was during that month of administrative leave. What lucky people his private consulting clients will doubtless be.

Also, on a side note, the article clues you in on why I will never, ever be a Roman Catholic:
Heath was not a visible figure in the current fight over gay marriage, which is being led by Bob Emrich, a pastor from Plymouth, and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.
Not "supported." Not "encouraged." No. "Led." (In the interest of fairness, I should note that chances are slim I'll be attending services with Mr. Emrich in Plymouth.) So, thank you, Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, for reminding me of how very much I love the Episcopal Church.

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