What the hell is wrong with you people??!?: part infinity

Oh, GOP. You make my teeth hurt, what with all the clenching. I half expect Margaret Chase Smith to rise from the grave and slap the ever-living crap out of most of you any minute now. (Though that raises the question of what would be left of you afterward. Hey-oh!!)

Seriously. I can't understand why you cannot tell the difference between principled opposition to your political rivals' goals and hateful, essentially seditious demagoguery.

Let's start with you, Jim Greer. The estimable Mr. Greer is the head of the Republican Party in Florida. How has Mr. Greer contributed to the steady recession of my gums? Over to you, TPM:
I just spoke with Florida Republican Party press secretary Katie Gordon, regarding state party chairman Jim Greer's denunciation of President Obama's upcoming national address to schoolchildren on Tuesday. Gordon stood by the party's press release -- and said that children should not be subjected to what she said is a clear attempt at political indoctrination by the Obama administration. Indeed, she said parents should be able to opt-out their kids from the speech.


"Our point is that there are some questions about this address that need to be answered, and parents need to be given the option to choose whether or not their children who are students are going to be expected to watch this propaganda in a public school," Gordon later explained. "Students can't pray in school, but they can discuss new ideas and actions that the President is challenging them to think about. Well, I know that a lot of the President's ideas don't reflect my values and don't reflect the values that I would be teaching my children. And to be quite honest, there are a lot of the President's ideas that I wouldn't want my children discussing in a public school. It's not appropriate, the place for that is in the home."
Sweet merciful crap! This is the President of the United States of America, you cretins! What kind of absurd world do you live in, that you would decry the potential "indoctrination" of our youth by a speech the President of the United States of America would deliver to them? He is not Mullah Omar. His speech will doubtless be full of hearty exhortations to do well, study hard, and strive to achieve greatness for themselves and their country. Have you lost your minds?

Look, I think I have made my overall loathing of the most recent former POTUS pretty plain. By the end of his second term, I could barely stand to see his face on the television. But never, not in my wildest, most partisan fever dreams, would I ever have accused him of "indocrinating" our youth. Because, like most basically sane and civil American citizens, I confer a certain degree of respect for the person who holds that office, which includes a presumption of basic decency. It is patently obvious that partisanship has overwhelmed the Florida GOP's sense of same.

Oh, and they changed the language those mouth-breathers found most objectionable, so hopefully nobody skipped school.

And now, there's you, Sen. Inhofe (R - 14th Century). I see, via the Dish, that you have chosen a less temperate criticism of the President than I would have hoped. What was it you said?
He continued, “I don’t know why President Obama is obsessed with turning terrorists loose in America.”


“Those of you who think like I do,” Inhofe said, “hope this country can hang on another 16 months.”
Those of you who think like he does, I hope you don't miss your appointment for ECT.

This man, dear readers, is a sitting member of the US Senate, and is telling his constituents that the President of the United States of America wants to "turn terrorists loose in America." Which he either cannot really believe, or he is too deranged to safely fill the office of municipal dog catcher, much less sit in the most august elected body in the nation.

I know there must be a few honest, intelligent and sane conservatives out there. I just wonder which bunker they've decided to hide in while the lunatics who ostensibly speak for them run rampant.


  1. The President of the US has more important things to do that take time to address the public school children of the US. The public schools have better things to do than lose classroom time to a litany of Pres. Scary-Smart's Admonishments and Accomplishments, and then to write letters to themselves about what they can do to swear fealty to Dear Leader. Oh, wait, that was in Version 1.0 and "inartfully" phrased.

    Maybe Pres. Scary-Smart can spend that time finding staff who don't need N do-overs because they are incapable of getting things right the first time. And find an effing Asst. Treasury Sec., for Buddha's sake.

  2. Yeah, sure. Whatever. "Fealty to Dear Leader."

    That must be some yummy, yummy Kool-Aid.

  3. I'm starting to think that Mr. John here is seriously unhinged.

  4. Folks, Please do not hurl insults at Gadfly. Please hope the doctors change his medication.

  5. Dan, you don't like snark directed against a sitting President? Who knew?

  6. Reagan did far worse (by logic of loony Republicans) on Nov. 14, 1988 when he extolled the value of tax cuts at a televised address to school children, but since it was Reagan then of course it must be fine. No one criticized him on the left when he went off track from his prepared remarks (at least I can find zero evidence that anyone did)

    gj, you really are a loathsome litte troll. Go to the free republic, start your own blog. You offer nothing to the conversation, ever, which is why I feel not the slightest bit of guilt thrashing you mercilessly, and being that you are an masochist who enjoys being humiliated, I consider my thrashing you to be a form of charity. Admit it, after you get beat up here you dress up as a tree and have dogs urinate on you, don't you?

    As to me, I had no problem with GWB making speeches to kids, no one had a fit that Bush was reading to elementary school children on 9/11 (they did about his continuing to do so well after the first attack) but people did not say Bush should not have been there.

    Republicans themselves are becoming completely unhinged. I wonder how long Collins and Snowe can put up with this nuttiness before they become defacto Democrats. It looks like Snowe herself will be the ultimate deal maker for health care reform.


  7. Dan, I so agree with you. One of the Morning Mayor hosts is always kvetching about Obama, and this was the latest. I called in and asked why this is so terrible. The other Morning Mayor even mentioned Reagan during my call. Maybe I'm dense, but . . . why? If you don't want to watch, it you don't want your kid to watch, then don't watch. Maybe FDR shouldn't have started fireside chats--wait, that wasn't in school. Seriously, maybe I'm missing something. Our elected president shouldn't address school kids???


  8. Barbara, my sense is that the President's address isn't the real issue, but the clueless "write a letter on how you can serve the President" aspect (that has now been removed). It conjures up that creepy Ashton What's-his-face video and the celebs pledging to be "a servant to Barack Obama." I understand Bush the Elder did something similar, and if I had children at that time, I would have thought it inappropriate then, just as I think this is inappropriate today. And I think the current kerfuffle just highlights the lack of trust that significant numbers of people have for Mr. Obama and his Never Waste A Crisis team.

  9. gj, you are a liar and an idiot. It was "Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president," Help, not serve. But of course you would lie being you are such a loathsome little troll. You show me where it said "serve." By the way, I got that from abc news Jack Tapper. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2009/09/obamas-back-to-school-message----scribbled-with-some-controversy.html

    Nailed you again, didn't I you little schmuck. You can't even quote something right.

    History according to gj: "ask what you can do for your country or not" JFK

    "Dec. 11, a date that will live in an infirmary" FDR

    "I have some cream." MLK

    "Two B or not Two B, what is that room again?" Hamlet

    "walk softly and carry a big stick" TR (this was actually said by Glen Beck along with his spelling of oligarchy without the c on his blackboard)

    I do so enjoy making fun of you gj, you are just sooooo easy to mock.


  10. It wasn't a quote, charo, but a paraphrase. You can recognize that because I did not cite a source nor identify a specific speaker. If the quotation marks make you itchy, go pound sand. I'm not writing a journal paper here.

    Again, try the decaf, it is just as tasty.

  11. hey gj, these things " " are called quotation marks, try learning English sometime. Interesting how your paraphrase was an outright smear. If you said "aid" or "assist" it would have been fine and been close enough, but you chose "serve" which just shows you are an ass.

    And is this "go pound sand" the only retort you can come up with? But thanks again for the opportunity to destroy you utterly, it amused me to no end. And I don't drink coffee, never have, never will. Besides, that is so lame and unoriginal, come on, which is better "try the decaf" or "a date that will live in an infirmary" Hands down I am so much more clever than you (which is not that difficult)

    Not only am I undefeated against you, with every bout a knockout, but so far you have never laid a glove on me. Oh when will you learn?