You know why? Because I can.

Yes, I know that there is still a Giant Health Care Debate raging on the Hill.

I know that America is still rife with frothing anti-Obama hatred of the most mind-blowing magnitude.

I know that theocrats and reactionaries of the first order (including the Roman Catholic Bishop of Maine) are itching to remind me of how second-class a citizen I am here in Maine.

But, to hell with all that. The Critter is still waking me several times a night, and I'm tired. So, instead of writing about anything vaguely political right now, I'm going to say that I am unabashedly pleased that Project Runway really has given America an amazingly talent designer who's making a genuine go of it. Shine on, Christian Siriano. (And take THAT, America's Next Top Model.)

Tomorrow I will weigh in on Olympia Snowe, who (once again) has decided to demonstrate that she knows what side her bread is buttered on.

Update: I think I read that Political Animal post too quickly. It looks like Snowe hasn't keel-hauled the trigger yet, so I'll hold off on ranting for just now.


  1. I was sort of hoping this post was leading up to a "dammit I'm posting a baby picture!" moment

  2. I do hope that the Critter sleeps sooner rather than later. I won't tell you how long it took Peanut. Or about teething. I think I lost a year of my life for every month he woke repeatedly during the night.
    At least 85% of the time, Project Runway is way more compelling than politics. It's generally sweet, based on talent, and funny even when it gets catty. P.R. and Top Chef got us through the newborn months.
    Congrats, good luck, and don't worry. Health care is moving slowly enough that there's always another day to blog.

  3. Can hardly wait until we hear your views on Olympia. As I stated before (somewhere) I was invited to a Republican dinner, (ticket was paid by someone else who's wife could not make it)and was shocked and appalled at the way she dragged the Democratic party through the coals. I would have thought she was an evangelical pastor telling tales about Beelzebub. I wanted to walk out but since it was thirty or so miles from where I lived I was forced to stay.

  4. During an unusually rough newborn period, Project Runway has been a beacon of hope. Shine on, indeed, Christian. You are, in fact, fierce. Shine on also, Heidi and Tim, Nina and Michael.

    And Top Chef, you're not so bad yourself. If I could taste the food, you'd be right up there.

  5. Hey, try twins if you really want to experiment with sleep deprivation. 8^) I can't conceive (fortunately) what it must be like to have triplets.

  6. I have a partial solution to your baby woes, my baby's crib is in our bedroom so my wife sleeps in the same room with him and I sleep in the basement. I offered to go half but she breastfed so that wasn't going to work. I suppose you can go half with your spouse and that way you won't be always tired. Anyway, it won't be too long. Our youngest just turned one and sleeps the night away.