How does this keep happening?

Hey! You! With the political ambitions and the inability to keep it in your pants. Yeah, you.

It's bad enough that you decided to cheat on your media darling wife. Y'know, the cancer victim? Her. Bad for political reasons, and also for the whole "don't cheat on your wife" moral code that's generally accepted among decent folk.

Also, not a great sign that you and your erstwhile mistress apparently couldn't figure out how contraception works. Maybe for the best that you didn't get the nuclear codes.

But, for the love of God, how is it that there now appears to be a sex tape? That somehow your embittered ex-aide got a hold of. How do famous people keep making this incredibly stupid mistake, and how is it that other people keep getting their mitts on the evidence?


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  1. Are you talking about Newt Gingrich, because, you know, he divorced his wife when she was in the hospital for cancer (and did it by messenger).
    It speaks to the credibility of the Democrats that they do throw over people like Edwards, as they did to Gary Hart before him, and Gov. McGreevey in NJ, and as they would have done to Bill Clinton if he hadn't been President at the time (and lets face it, most Democrats would have been more than happy if he resigned over Lewinsky, they just didn't see it as an impeachable offense)
    Republicans, otoh, hookers, staffers, Argentinians, it is all good (provided it is of the opposite sex, no gay hanky panky allowed). You just gotta say "sorry Jesus."