Why I am not a Republican, part gabillion

Another touching moment at CPAC. (Via TPM):

One gathers from the background of this picture that this charming young lady is one of the Concerned Women of America. Sadly, being ringless, it appears that she is not yet involved in a "traditional marriage" for me and my homosexual brethren to destroy. We'll have to bide our time, I suppose.

Rest assured, however. As soon as Smiley McBigot here and her future betrothed register at whichever upscale retailer they choose, one of our minions (we're everywhere) will replace her tasteful Wedgewood china pattern with this.

Girlfriend has it coming. Reason enough to be Concerned, I suppose.


  1. I'm torn as to whether she and her suspiciously VERY VERY PUBLICY STRAIGHT boyfriend would prefer "mango" or "peacock blue."

  2. Based upon her blouse, I would guess the latter.

  3. with that schnozz I thought that was Mr. Ed for a second. (yes, I know it is crude to make fun of her less than stellar looks, but hey, she is an a-hole bigot), maybe her sticker should say "will some man please marry me."

  4. Here's one reason she might have to be worried.

    OTOH, it seems unfair to put most of the blame on Rs when quite a few Ds, including the Pres., are publicly opposed to SSM. The times, they are a'changing, and sometimes in strange ways. OTOOH, I'm just waiting for the Gay vs. Islam cage match. As Mark Steyn put it, if it’s a choice between Heather Has Two Mommies or Heather Has Four Mommies And A Big Bearded Daddy Who Wants To Marry Her Off To A Cousin Back In Pakistan, bet on the latter.

  5. Isn't it great that people are thoughtful enough to spend their energy on things that have absolutely nothing to do with them? She's not working or creating or contributing. She's just hating. Great use of free time.

  6. I wonder if this thoughtful woman would agree to the assertion that David Gest is a real man while the pope, Isaac Newton, and Jesus are not.

    Me, I think Gest is a man, but he may well not be human.

  7. The "Real Men marry X" meme is not new, supporting a small industry of bumper stickers and T-shirts at the online mall. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

    Also, at the last meeting of the Secret Conservative Cabal, they asked me to mention that Ryan Sorba was booed -- to the point a moderator had to calm the crowd at CPAC -- for criticising the inclusion of GOProud, a Gay conservative group which was a sponsor of CPAC. John Aravosis has a post up about it.

  8. Three things, GJ --

    First of all, good for the crowd at CPAC for booing Ryan Sorba, Hope springs eternal.

    That said, but me no buts about which party is more supportive of gay rights. It is a subject to which I pay a great deal of attention, and there's really no comparison, Obama's SSM stance notwithstanding.

    Finally, "Real Men Do X" may be an old meme, but being told (and having it believed) that we are not "real men" is a particularly poisonous and pervasive calumny against gay men, and is of particular offense. While this bumper sticker and the ignorant woman brandishing it won't keep me up at night, neither is this insult one that bears simply being ignored. Especially since people who hold it have managed to keep my family in a legally vulnerable state.