With Grover Norquist as Bo Peep, in a role that may surprise you

I am laughing so hard, I can barely type.

Carly Fiorina is running for governor of California. She is also seriously overpaying her political consultants.

Behold (via Atlantic Politics):

Because if there's one image I want to associate with my elected leaders, it's sheep.

Also, to the guy who plays Evil Red-eyed Fake Sheep -- man, I hope scoring your SAG card makes up for the abject loss of your dignity.

Update: Title corrected, though I also like the idea of Grover Norquist playing a character called Bo Poop


  1. Dan! I had no idea you were now creating commercials for your favored candidates! Let me congratulate you on your deft editing technique as you intercut sheep and pigs. And the shot of Evil Fake Sheep awkwardly crawling way? It screams fiscal responsibility.

    I'm glad you took my two-year-old's advice on how to make it concise!

  2. Little fishes in trousers! Ms. Fiorina has just completely disqualified herself for office. Now you know why HP lost 50% of its stock price when she was CEO.

  3. Yes, Elizabeth, I am incredibly proud that I've finally managed to get my political advertisement firm off the ground. (My previous experience was limited to Rudy Giuliani's primary campaign.)

  4. I thought I recognized you in some of Fred Thompson's work...