A new home for foreign policy obsessives

Back in (what I consider) its heyday, The New Republic had a thriving band of merry reprobates who commented regularly. I am not ashamed to admit that I wasted far more time than I could possibly justify getting into lengthy discussions of varying degrees of seriousness with many of them, and I'm happy that I managed to cajole a few of them into wasting their time here now. (You know who you are.) All joking aside, the quality of the comments there was several cuts above what one normally finds on teh Internets, and it was a pleasure getting to know (in a manner of speaking) a number of the regulars.

So, with that introduction, I'd like to direct you toward Always Judged Guilty, the shiny new blog by one of the more colorful TNR denizens of old. If one can accurately describe a person one has never met in 3D space as a friend, then I'm happy to send you to my friend Brian's page. For all the ribbing I regularly dished out [this is as nice as I'll ever be, boneill, so don't get used to it], the man happens to know an impressive amount about Yemen, which has been in the news a bit lately. (Apparently, there's more there than incendiary undergarments.)

For anyone interested in getting an informed perspective on a fascinating corner of the world, it's worth a look.

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