Perhaps the best riposte I have ever seen on the Interwebs

TPM has a brief little post about Obama's appearance at the national prayer breakfast this morning, in particular his passing reference to the ongoing stupidity about his citizenship. While I don't know if I would characterize the remark he made as a "joke," the actual content of the post is rather beside the point.

Regular readers [may the road rise up to meet you] may have noticed that I tend toward the liberal in my political leanings. As such, I spend a lot of time poking around various leftist blogs and opinion pages, looking for material to steal reference. (Places like TPM, for example.) While I often agree with the sentiments expressed therein, frequently enough I find myself rolling my eyes at the more... strident, nonsensical frothings of the ideologically zealous, let's say. Much as I loathe the right-wing noise machine, I'm not about to kid myself that my side doesn't have its share of crazy craziness. (Some sites are, of course, worse than others.)

Anyhoodle, the comments for this relatively anodyne episode in national politics provided a lovely example. The first comment, from one "madmatt":
Way to give credibility to the cultish scum that make up the family...never an opportunity missed to disappoint liberal dems!

Your guess on what happens to be "disappointing" about this is as good as mine, folks. No clue on my end. I would have simply muttered something insulting under my breath and gone elsewhere, but the response to this comment was so fantastic that I felt it deserved a (negligibly) larger audience. Behold:
Are you...are you actually being serious? Because in context of this clip, that comment made so little sense it actually negated the sensibility of things around it. For a three foot circle around your comment, Euclidian geometry doesn't work. Of course, that circle has four sides and 90 degree angles.

The world is a slightly richer place for having that response, and I feel a little happier having read it.

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