Bob and weave

Can everybody stop pretending that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is regretting causing a firestorm about his proclamation celebrating Confederate history that didn't mention slavery? The firestorm is exactly his desired effect. He's not stupid; he's dog-whistling to that not-insignificant part of the Republican party that, even if they don't think slavery was such a hot idea, think the blacks just jump down someone's throat for no good reason ("Can't you say anything without being called a racist?") - and are now feeling sympathy for McDonnell.

Reason #445 why, even when Nancy Pelosi tempts me, I could never be a Republican.

And as someone who lives right near the border of Virginia, and goes to Virginia regularly, I would like to ask: do they really need any more damn Confederate memorializing? The place is absolutely lousy with signs, parks, designated picnic ares, etc. When directions to the mall tell you to take Jefferson Davis Highway (you know, that guy who led an armed rebellion against the U.S. government in order to protect local determination of the ability to own humans), one gets the sense the the Confederacy is honored quite enough.


  1. Since you know so much about the South, you are undoubtedly aware that when the South was at its racist peak, it was solidly Democratic. Bull Connor, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Strom Thurmond, Jimmy Carter[1], and Robert "KKK" Byrd -- all Democrats. A significantly greater percentage of Republicans voted for the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act than Democrats (82% R, 69%D in the Senate, 80% R, 63% D in the House).

    Reasons enough that one should never be a Democrat.

    [1] When Carter was on the Sumter County School Board, he and the rest of the board tried to stop construction of a black school because it would be too close to a white school. When the State forced them to continue (due to cost!), Carter and the board told the parents the board “would do everything in its power to minimize simultaneous traffic between white and colored students in route to and from school.”

  2. N.B., Strom Thurmond changed parties in 1964, oddly enough about the time when his views on race changed. As a Republican, he voted for the Voting Rights Act, the MLK, Jr. Holiday, and was the first Southern Senator to appoint blacks to his staff.

    I'm cynical enough to believe that a lot of it was political calculation, but the fact remains that Sen. Thurmond the Democrat was an openly racist pol, while Sen. Thurmond the Republican was not.

  3. Well, GJ, if one were inclined to base one's decisions on legacies, then one could write off the Democrats on the basis of what you say.

    I, however, choose to base my decisions on the way the parties are behaving now. You can go your way based upon what happened a few decades ago, and I'll go mine based upon what happened during my lifetime.

  4. GJ, I am fully aware of the racist history of the Democratic party. Moreover, I am fully aware the politician for whom I have the most admiration, Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican. However, the parties now bear little resemblance to the parties of even 25 years ago. I see no reason to base my votes on the past of the party, rather than the present incantation.

  5. More history and logic: During the New Deal and Truman eras, a block of southern Democratic conservatives were one of the main obstacles to progressive social legislation, like universal health care. Reason enough to change your current party registration to Democrat? Also, the South turned Republican when the Democratic party became the party of civil rights. Reason enough, for me at least, to never vote Republican. The last time I voted Republican was 1904. Actually, come to think about it, I probably voted for Debs.

  6. gj is just being provocatively silly so there is nothing really to engage. Notice how he had absolutely no comment about McDonnell? Classic troll behavior, switch topic and then revel in the attention.

    I don't understand what would be so difficult as to label April Civil War History month and leave it at that?

    I think McDonnell did make a huge mistake for his long term viability. (unless he is truly happy with his mandated one term) The base that he is appealing to is dwindling. I have ancestors who fought for the North but I don't run around with Battle flags or strut around and my ancestors fought on the correct side so there is no one I should rightly offend by doing so, I suspect many, if not most, young white southerners will not be party to "southern, white pride" and are doubtless embarrassed by McDonnell. In 8 or 10 years will he label this a "youthful" indiscretion as he did his thesis?
    I think this is his macaca moment. (maybe not as severe, call it mini-macaca) if his administration is effective, maybe he has a future, but it was all so needless.


  7. Both sides have embarrassing pols. I'm pointing out that sliding from "McDonnell says stupid things" to "a not-insignificant part of the Republican party go along". Well, a not-insignificant part of the Democratic party thinks exactly the same way. The Dems have a history, in my lifetime, of being the leading promoters of racism, and retain that title to this day.

    The Democratic party is still the party of racism. And antisemitism. Just ask erstwhile House Member McKinney's father who was responsible for her defeat.

    DW, I'm not at all against reforming health insurance (I think we need it) and health care (ditto). I'm just against drooling maroons like Pelosi, Slaughter, Rangel and crew gaming the system to push a monstrosity through against the consent of the governed.

  8. You are speaking manifest nonsense, GJ. What color is the sky on your world?

    And, just when I think I cannot find you more confounding, you try to back up a point by referencing Cynthia McKinney. I doff my hat to you, sir. You are nothing if not surprising. As for what is responsible for the defeat of former House Member McKinney, I would chalk that up to her being completely and totally batshit insane.

  9. Ms. McKinney was my Rep, so I remember her insanity all too well. And I remember all too well what her father (a prominent local Dem pol) said when she was defeated. The sad part is that neither of the two would have ever been elected unless a substantial number of Dem voters let that sort of thing just slide on by.