Childlike glee, redux

You guys!! A few months ago, I was a finalist (and won!!) a caption contest over at one of my all-time favorite blogs, Go Fug Yourself. (If you don't know that site, you should. It gets me through long, dreary workdays better than just about anything.) And it's happened again!

The inspiration for the contest is here. The rules were here.

And you can vote for my caption here.

I am, like the last time, more excited about this than a grown man has any right to be.


  1. sorry dr.dan, I like number 1 better so I voted for it. I almost voted for you out of some kind of misplaced loyalty but I realized that you are not 6 years old and would survive whatever disappointment that comes with coming in second (which is where you were on the tally)


  2. Charoooooooooooooooo!!! *shakes fist at screen*

    Somehow, because I am a man of immense magnanimity, I will forgive this slight. But only because I've already won once at GFY, and have my TNR mug.