Gene Weingarten has won a Pulitzer for his article on parents who accidentally cause the death of their children by leaving them in cars. I posted on this article a while ago. It's an absolutely riveting, emotionally devastating article, one that still occasionally haunts me and moves me months after reading it.

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  1. It is funny, as a small child my mother used to leave me in the car (with the windows cracked) when I was young and it has noot efarcted my in de sleetest.

    Years ago, when my cousins son was a toddler (about 3) both parents assumed the other took the baby to my aunts house and left him alone in the house, he managed to make his way out of the house and went for a walk with the dog, when he was found by a neighbor.

    And once, when I was home alone with my young son, also 3, he managed to open the front door himself (he hadn't been able to do so before and I assumed wouldn't for a while yet) and went outside for a walk while I zoned out on the internet. Luckily my neighbor was outside and collected him right quick. Still scares me to this day. I put a chain on the door and didn't let him outside alone until he was 6.

    There are just so many things that can go wrong you can make yourself crazy about it all.