Double-Standard Watch

Well, I was going to label it "hypocrisy watch" and then I thought: "That's exactly what's wrong with extremist American politics, a deadly combination of cynicism and absolutism that cries 'Hypocrite!' in every instance that someone finds grey between black and white, or makes an exception to a rule for the greater good." Plus, somewhere buried in there is a pun on 'standard time.'

So, who has best exemplified the double-standard this week? We'll let you vote on the winner; here are this week's candidates:

  • (a) The 75th Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, who is in charge of administering the IRS while having "accidentally" forgotten to pay $35,000 in self-employment taxes.
  • (b) The Pope, for graciously de-excommunicating an irregularly ordained bishop , Richard Williamson, who also happens to be a rabidly paranoid, anti-semitic Englishman who believes most of the holocaust was faked. Former Hilter Youth member, Pope Benedict, is rapidly backpedaling from Williamson's statements, but the damage seems to already be done.
  • (c) The Obama Administration for naming William J. Lynn, until a few months ago a lobbyist for major defense contractor Raytheon, as deputy defense secretary -- just a few days after announcing that former lobbyists would not be allowed to government agencies they have lobbied in the past two years. True, Lynn will be subjected to a year of ethics reviews...
  • (d) The congressional GOP for claiming to be the party of Family Values while objecting to SCHIP, which would help provide health insurance for 4 million previously uninsured children.
Look for the poll in the top right hand corner and cast your vote!


  1. I have new respect for Dan's co-bloggers!

  2. I think your poll may be skewed by the concept of "small sample size" (Dan Devin, Dan's better half and anonymous).

  3. Oh, that's easy to solve. The three of us will just vote multiple times! :)

  4. I also think Commenter #2 overstates the Better Half's interest in participating in blog-based polling.