Um... it's called "winning"

Via Talking Points Memo, I read this side-splitter this morning:

To some staunch conservatives watching President Bush relinquish the reins of power to President-elect Barack Obama, a few too many ardent liberals are now crashing the gates.


Conservatives fear that some of these Obama transition advisers are too far left on the political spectrum and are a sign of radical policies to come.

"It is disturbing," said Roger Clegg, a conservative opponent of Lee's appointment who is now watching the Obama advisers at the Justice Department. "The transition team as described to me was made up of nothing but people on the far left. Though Obama is more moderate, that makes you wonder what kind of advice the president is given, and what range of choices he'll be given when it comes time to make appointments."

Where to begin? One could start by noticing that many of the people Obama has chosen for some pretty prominent positions are hardly the flaming leftists these poor, quailing conservatives seem to fear. In fact, I seem to recall some notably strident criticism from the Left when some of Obama's Cabinet picks were named. So, this conservative crying in the wilderness tastes like pretty thin gruel, particularly when one considers the relative (lack of) importance of the people they're finding objectionable.

But let's take their beef at face value. Let us pretend that Obama had named Dennis Kucinich to be the Secretary of Labor. Let us visualize a world wherein Paul Krugman was tapped to head up the Treasury. For State, oh.... I don't know. Bernie Sanders? Cindy Sheehan for Defense? Go nuts. Something from Matthew Yglesias's wildest fever dream.

Here's the deal, conservative critics. Your candidate lost by what would be considered a sizeable margin. Our candidate lost far more narrowly eight (and then four) years ago, and we were treated to such wonders of public service as John Ashcroft (who comes across pretty well in comparison to his replacement), Donald Rumsfeld, and the delightful man soon to vacate the Naval Observatory. We had to deal with it. Now, ladies and gentlemen of the Right, so must you.

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  1. Yes...to me when Obama names Howard Zinn to head the Department of Education and Naomi Klein for the Department of Labor is when the Professional Whiner/Victim Party can complain.

    In the meantime, they should figure out how to explain how banks became socialized under their hero GWB.