Said with nothing but love

Dear President Obama --

   Hey.  Nice to see you getting into the swing of things.  I'm hopeful your economic stimulus package will work.  Love the Gitmo closing and Ledbetter law.  All in all, strong work.

   But what's up with your nominees not paying taxes?  This is not good.  Once is bad enough.  Twice is sloppy.  And embarrassing.  And a wee bit worrisome.

   Please don't make more mistakes of this nature.  I have to pay my taxes.  So should your Cabinet.  And preferably before they get nominated for things.

                 Your pal,

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  1. Are Cabinet nominees required to pay penalties on tax errors like the rest of America?

    From Iowahawk's "Ask the tax guys"

    "Here at the IRS, we realize that many well-meaning taxpayers like you can be distracted by various family illnesses, baseball pennant races, political campaigns, and so on. The rules for late filing can be surprisingly flexible if you have the right qualifying circumstances. According to IRS guidelines, you are eligible for the 306(b)(19) "I Forgot" amnesty if the following applies:

    (1) Your total adjusted gross income in the "I Forgot" years was equal to or greater than $8,528,000; and
    (2) You are a nominee to head a cabinet-level federal agency.

    If you answered "yes" to (2), or both (1) and (2), then you are in the clear. If you answered "yes" to (1) but "no" to (2), mail 10% of the total to the Democratic National Committee and request a cabinet appointment. If you answered "no" to both, then I'm afraid you are shit out of luck. Turn yourself into your local IRS authorities, who will assist you in computing appropriate penalties, interest, and parole terms."