What the holy hell?

OK, Rick Warren.  I'm done with you.  I wasn't particularly thrilled with Obama's choice to have you give the invocation at the inauguration, but I wasn't losing sleep over it, either.  But now?  Now you're really starting to get on my nerves.  From the Episcopal news service:
The Rev. Rick Warren, pastor of southern California-based Saddleback Church and a leading conservative evangelical, has reportedly told a number of Anglican leaders that he is willing to aid dissident Episcopalians in southern California.

"We stand in solidarity with them, and with all orthodox, evangelical Anglicans. I offer the campus of Saddleback Church to any Anglican congregation who need a place to meet, or if you want to plant a new congregation in south Orange County," Warren reportedly wrote recently in a letter.
I have a lot to say about this, but it's probably unwise for me to write it in a public (if obscure) forum.  Suffice it to say that Obama's gesture to Warren was one of reconciliation, and one that he made at some expense to his reputation with certain members of his base (including, to a small degree, yours truly).  It is increasingly clear that Warren is not a conciliatory figure, and I begin to wonder if there is any point in trying to reach out to people such as him.  He seems more than happy to play nice for the cameras when it suits him, and stoke the fires of division when he thinks nobody is looking.  (The above letter was meant to be private, apparently.)

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