Moral Inspiration

My husband yesterday pointed out that Obama has a way of bringing out one's better angels: whenever my husband contemplates doing or saying something wrong, he asks himself what Obama would think of it -- which encourages him to take the better path. I agree. It is notable that no arrests were made at the inauguration, and chants of "O-Ba-Ma" were enough to quell a panicking crowd. Which raised two questions for me: 1) what wrong things is my husband thinking of doing?, and 2) (more relevant to bleakonomy's legion of readers) how does Obama do it?

As a parent and teacher, I'd really like to figure that out. It is not by lecturing or guilt-tripping. Part of it is the moral rectitude he has apparently displayed in his own life. Part of it seems to be the faith he has that we want to be better, and that we will choose to be better if it is a viable option. We want to be what he knows we can be. Is that all it is? Any other thoughts appreciated.

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