Another antidote!

Depressed that you live in a country that has tortured people, and seems woefully reluctant to investigate? Bummed out that one of the major players in your country's auto industry is lurching wheezily toward bankruptcy? Frustrated that credulous fans will believe what a man famous for fart jokes says over the recommendations of their own doctor?

Behold -- a reminder of the weird, wonderful, joyful world we live in:

And then marvel that every single one of those beautiful performers is deaf.

(Hat tip Sully.)


  1. Just one quibble. It isn't the country that is reluctant to investigate. It is the political class that refuses to investigate. Why, he wonders? Could it be because so many, both Democrat and Republican, in high office approved of such behavior? Approved in ways that are on the record, too.

    Hey, I'm all for deposing Speaker Pelosi and anyone else on record as having been briefed about the interrogation of AQ and other terrorists. Bring in the cleansing sunlight, and let's find out what Madam Speaker, and others, knew and when she knew it. I'm all for having this discussion in public.

    And I hope that members of the current administration who might be tempted to stretch the bounds of, say, financial disclosure laws take note that their behavior might be judged by standards that are murky today, and even the approval of Congress and the Administration might not be sufficient to avoid prosecution.

  2. Well, it's not precisely on point with regard to the beautiful and moving video, but I'll bite, John.

    I am appalled by both political parties and their response to investigating the torture policies of the past administration. Pelosi, at least, seems eager to appoint a commission. Reid and Obama do not, and for that I am deeply disappointed in both of them.

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