I think my feelings about Sarah Palin are well known to you, my loyal band of Bleakonomy readers. (Have I told you lately that I love you?) Well, leave it to Eminem to make me rally to her defense.

Rapper Eminem Sings About Having Sex With Sarah Palin

Rapper Eminem just released a new song in which he graphically discusses having sex with a variety of women including Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

In the video published at YouTube moments ago, a scantily clad Palin look alike is sitting on a desk while a slighty-dressed Eminem makes sexual gyrations at her side.

Well, gross. I had little time for Gov. Palin when she did all of that insufferable winking at the camera during the VP debate. Further, I think sexual identity politics are going to be inextricably linked to discussions of her as a national candidate. All that being said, and recognizing that Eminem is a shock peddler of waning relevance who is merely grasping at whatever he can to stay in the public's eye, it's a depressing, appalling moment when a prominent female politician is reduced to an object of sexual scorn. I realize the man just doesn't care, but every so often his blatant, brutish sexism makes me wonder how deep the pits in his tar heart go.

Yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Being forced to defend a politican I cannot stand because of the actions of a fading celebrity that I loathe. I need to take a shower.

(Hat tip Ambinder.)

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  1. The best option is to simply ignore it, that way you don't have to defend anything. I have not seen that video, nor shall I. I feel that way about any celebrity crap, whenever CNN starts talking about Madonna and Malawi, I change the channel for 5 minutes by going to the History channel, or Discovery, or Biography (I know that might sound hypocritical, but they also do have interesting subjects, today I watched de Sade) and sometimes when I flip over I stay there.