On simple-minded celebrities and lousy ambassadors

Great. Just great.

Miss California, the runner-up to the Miss USA crown, apparently (like the majority of voters in her state) doesn't believe in gay marriage. We know this because one of the judges, Perez Hilton, asked her about it during the pageant. And then she didn't win. And then he went on a tirade on his web site and called her nasty, nasty names. Charming.

This is like a heaping steam tray of crap. A casserole of ugly little ingredients, each guaranteed to give me an ulcer in its own right. A vapid quasi-celebrity with an opinion? Check. Subsequent right-wing cause celebre martyrdom? Yup. An odious, self-promoting non-talent who thrives on scandal? You betcha.

Wonderful. Because just the other day I thought to myself, "If only there were some way for the gay marriage debate to get just a little tawdrier."

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  1. Dan,

    My tongue was imbedded in my cheek when I mentioned "good company" in my previous post, as I'm sure you realize.

    I just watched Perez Hilton's tirade, which, in my opinion, displayed him making a fool of himself. One of many reasons I don't follow pop culture and, instead, watch wonderful old movies via Netflix.