Literally jumping for joy

From the Kennebec Journal:
The Maine Senate this morning passed a bill that would allow same-sex marriage in Maine.

The Senate voted 20-15 in favor of the measure.

Supporters say it would end discrimination against gays and lesbians and opponents say the proposal is an attack against the institution of marriage.

This morning’s vote means the bill has cleared its first hurdle in the Legislature. However, it still needs to pass through the House of the Representatives. And if it passes the Legislature, it will need the signature of Gov. John Baldacci, who has not yet said whether he will support it.

Update: Confidential to Sen. McCormick -- you should probably not waste any time campaigning in Hallowell after your vote today.

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  1. This is a nice article.
    To be happy or glad about something. I for all intents and purposes jumped for joy when I saw that I'd gotten An on that outlandish history test. I'm going to bounce for joy when I see my beau at the air terminal.