Well, turns out my brother was right

My brother and I exchanged a few text messages during this year's Academy Awards. I had a relatively good night with my predictions, all in all. The big disagreement between him and me was Best Actor. I thought it would be Mickey Rourke for "The Wrestler," and he said Sean Penn for "Milk." I thought the Academy would be all over the former's come-back story, and he said that dude was just too crazy. Turns out he was right.

It seems the Academy just can't deal with certain people being able to call themselves "Academy Award winners." Eddie Murphy, for example. (Too many fat suits.) Or Burt Reynolds. (Too Burt Reynolds.) Add to that list Mickey Rourke. Because there's no way the Academy wanted its shiny golden boy to go to a gentleman that still (still!) does crap like this:

Update: Whoops. Well, it looks like the WWE isn't tickled to have its copyrighted material out in YouTube. Suffice it to say, seeing Mickey Rourke in the ring with a professional wrestler didn't trigger the thought "Thespian," no matter how much acting was patently involved.

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