Bless my socks!

A little while ago, I wrote to one of the League of Ordinary Gentlemen and offered to pen a guest post about the Jim Carrey vaccine lunacy at the Huffington Post. To be honest, I expected to be politely rebuffed. Instead, they went for it. I was, of course, delighted.

Today they posted my piece, and I am sincerely tickled beyond all reason. I would like the thank the Gentlemen (Scott in particular) for the honor of contributing to their excellent blog.


  1. Bless my socks--you're definitely David's son!

    I saw the article, awesome!


  2. The please was all ours, Dan. As the comments attest, it is an excellent piece and we were privileged to have you submit it.

  3. It was indeed a great post and I'm glad I've now found your blog as a result.