Get on with it!

From Politico:
For Democrats pushing an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing in the war on terrorism, the GOP now has a two-word response: Nancy Pelosi.


According to records released last week by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Pelosi and other congressional officials were told in 2002 that enhanced interrogation techniques had been used on terrorist suspect Abu Zubaydah. The report appeared to contradict Pelosi’s claims — made earlier and again after the report was released — that she had been told only that such techniques might be used in the future, not that they had already been used.
Some things bear saying over and over and over. (On that note, I take back all the things I've ever said about Andrew Sullivan being repetitious.) So, I will return to a point I have already made, which appears to be yet more relevant.

I don't care if Nancy Pelosi goes down with Dick Cheney and Jay Bybee. I don't care if she takes Harry Reid down with her. I don't care how embarrassing an investigation into American torture policies during the Bush administration proves for both parties. Investigate anyway! I realize that the GOP thinks they've got the Democrats by the short hairs with the new revelations about Pelosi, and maybe they do. But justice transcends party politics, and justice demands an investigation.


  1. Pelosi was every bit as informed on the decision to us EITs as were the GOP... but is now lying about it in an attempt to appease the antiwar left and fulfill specious campaign posturing.

    And apparently Pelosi and Obama forgot something: the CIA KILLS people... it's in their job description. Did these two really think that these killers were going to take-one-for-the-team... when the team captain is a lying, incompetent, arrogant nebbish who has basically told them they need to kiss his ring? -please

    Obama really kicked an ant hill with his ill-advised and politically motivated release of Bush Administration memos regarding EITs.

    Let's have a hearing and get it all out there, shall we? Then watch the rats scatter who attacked Bush for protecting the country from terrorist attack... but who clearly knew what was going on five years before we heard a peep out of them.


  2. What a fresh and interesting take, Reag. I find your aspersions about Obama's competence particularly amusing, what with the roaring success of the Bush administration.

    Just a word -- every viewpoint is welcome here, and I'm not interested in ideological purity amongst commenters. But try to keep your comments fact-based, instead of simply making snide comments about politicians you don't like. After all, you appear to have your own blog for that.